MRT is currently working on new projects. Enjoy the photos of our current and past projects below

  • Mexico Missions Trip

    Mexico Missions Trip

    This Years Project is in Mexico! Helping Maggies Orphanage! In February we took food, bibles, and clothes, to Her!
  • Being with the kids at the Orphanage!

    Being with the kids at the Orphanage!

  • Orphanage!


  • New building

    New building

    This is the place where we need to fix up for Maggies Orphanage!
  • Playing


    Right Now this is the kid's play area. They have no playground. That's why we are trying to get the New building, so they can have a wonderful home! And a playground.
  • Brazil/Jungle


    This Last Year we went to the Amazon Jungle and Finished one house and built another! It was pretty awesome!
  • Brazil/jungle


  • Brazil/Project


  • Fixing the Well!

    Fixing the Well!

    Automated the well with two float switches!
  • In side the Round House

    In side the Round House

  • Burning Wood

    Burning Wood

  • Out of the Tribe!

    Out of the Tribe!

    We took this picture when we came out of the jungle!
  • The Team

    The Team

    This was our Team! We all built and finished the houses! In the middle is the missionary family that we built it for!
  • Building


  • This is a Hand dug Well.

    This is a Hand dug Well.

    We worked on it!
  • River


    This is where we swam and took baths when the well did not work! We would sit in the river, and in our hand sugar cane! It was such good times!

  • Feeding Center

    Feeding Center

    When we were in Mexico we went and helped at a feeding Center. They need so much help.
  • Feeding Center

    Feeding Center

  • Helping At the Feeding Center

    Helping At the Feeding Center

  • Feeding Center

    Feeding Center



Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men