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Current Projects

Mexico Our vision to go to Mexico started when one of our friends called us saying that a Canadian family needed a place to stay and park their RV. Of course, we called them and invited them to come to our home and do just that. 

We had a wonderful time getting to know them. We asked them where they were going, and they said they were going to Mexico! Each year they travel to Mexico for three to four months to help with a mission base there. Then we told them about Missions Response Team and our mission to go and build a house for a missionary in the jungles of the Amazon! They were fascinated and invited us to go down with them to Mexico the following year. We gratefully accepted.
This last February we went with this family and worked side by side with them on this mission. During our time there, they introduced us to Maggie; she runs a big orphanage in a tiny house with no yard. Maggie takes care of over 60 children. Many of the children are not true orphans; they have parents but are unwanted. Sometimes a parent wants to have their child back, so Maggie first ministers to the parent before she allows that to happen. A lot goes on in that little house. There is also a separate, small house where young ladies can learn life skills. These ladies also help Maggie with the children. 
There are a number of issues with the property they are currently staying at. For one, since the house is so small, Maggie has to send these children to the public schools. She would much prefer to keep them at home, since at the public schools they literally undo everything she is trying to teach them about the Lord. Her hearts' desire is to school them herself or find a teacher willing to help. Another issue is that, because it's in the middle of the city, it has been broken into several times. Maggie had been searching and praying for a more suitable home for all of these children. One day, a government leader came to see Maggie work. He was moved by what he saw, and he told her about a rundown, deserted building that could be given to her, but, first, he needed signatures from the higher-ups. Maggie prayed, and the Lord answered this faithful little lady's prayers. She was given this property! Now all she needed was to make it livable for all these children who so need to have a godly upbringing. 
So that is where you and I can help! With your support, Missions Response Team will be able to make this orphanage a place of refuge and love for these children. If you want to come down and help with us, any help is a blessing! Maggie would also appreciate your prayer. There is a rundown, abandoned church building right next to the property. Would you pray that the government would allow Maggie to have that church as well? Thank you for supporting us and helping these children!

In addition, a teacher will soon be moving to the same location.  She will need a place to stay and a place to teach. MRT is planning on building her a house, which will also be used as a school.

 The only way we can aid these missionaries is by your financial support and your faithful prayers. Please consider giving to MRT. (All donations will be used in building and traveling expenses and are tax-deductible.)